2017 Ice Hockey World Finals

Hello sports fans, welcome back to the best sports and fitness blog on the whole web! Put your hands up if you watched Sweden beat Canada for the 2017 International Ice Hockey Championship. The game ended in a shootout which is really the worst way for a hockey game to end, especially a championship but the tournament was still amazing to watch. I went to great lengths in order to watch this tournament, including staying awake at the bar until 6 in the morning when the game was on here. Of course, this war partially because Canada was playing Finland, Russia, and then Sweden for the championship every morning. The tournament was held in Germany and France this year, so the timing was just a little more difficult than when they had it in the town next to me.

The playoff round this year was incredible, and that wasn’t just because Finland managed to beat the Americans out in the first round. Canada has a really tight game against Germany, and it seemed like the hosts might manage to beat us but we held them off at the end. Then the game against Russia which ended up featuring half as many goals as Canada had goals against in the round robin. The finals was a little disappointing in that it ended in a shootout, but the game itself was great.

I guess the only let down was that there were no big name players in the tournament this year. Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Jason Spezza, Kevin Bieksa, Duncan Keith, none of them were on the roster this year. That might have been because the Stanley Cup playoffs were happening at the same time and the Penguins, Oilers, and Senators all went deep in the playoffs? Maybe they will think about it next year.

ice hockey world championship