About me

Hey yáll.  Welcome to my new Sports and Fitness blog, Mountain Bike Revue. My name is Sophie, I’m 21 years old and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where I still live.   I currently attend UOPX, University of Phoenix, studying Sports Medicine and I hope to become a Physical Therapist after I leave school.   As you can tell I love Sports and Fitness, any kind really although I especially love going on long hikes and mountain bike rides.  

I love living in Arizona, as we have some of the best hiking trails and Mountain Bike Trails in the whole of America.  And I might be biased enough to say some of the greatest trails in the world.  And with food being one of my other favourite pastimes, it’s lucky that Phoenix also have some of the greatest healthy cafes and restaurants.  

So if you don’t find me out and about hiking or biking a trail, or studying at uni. I’ll be hiding away in the gym, pumping iron and sweating profusely.