Healthy eating in Phoenix

Hey yáll. Hope you are all well and having a great February.  I am a bit short on time today, about to head out to school to do some studying but I wanted to fit a quick blogpost in about my favourite healthy places to eat in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are looking to eat right then it can be quite hard to eat out without paying an arm and a leg, or sacrificing flavour.  However, luckily, living in Phoenix means that there are so many great places to eat healthily whether that means Paleo, Whole30, raw or even local.

My Top 5 healthy eateries in Phoenix.

Healthy Eating


Simplistic, all natural and hella tasty.  Grabbagreen specialises in foods that are free from preservatives and GMOs. The menu contains green bowls, breakfast wraps, quinoa cakes as well as smoothies, juices and elixirs.  

Desert Roots Kitchen

Vegan? Then look no further.  Desert Roots Kitchen is full of vegan meals that will make you forget they contain no animal products and mow down.  Tasty and guiltless wraps, salads, pastas as well as other grain based dishes.  

24 Carrots

For some serious flavour whilst keeping it clean then 24 Carrots is great.  Originlly a juice bar, 24 Carrots has now been expanded to sell baked goods as well as main meals.  Watch out for the vegan bacon, not as good as babe but still pretty tasty.

Kaleidoscope Juice

Just like 24 Carrots, Kaleidoscope started off as a juice bar.  Great for breakfast as they offer great meals as well as smoothies and juices.  My favourite place to grab a wheatgrass shot and a plumbers breakfast.

Pomegranate Cafe

Fussy friends?  Head to Pomegranate cafe. Fresh produce, dairy free and gluten free goods.  Perfect if you need a green boost.