Be Prepared on you Bike

Hey all, Sophie here again with another wild post into the world of mountain biking. Today on my sports and fitness blog I wanted to talk about some changes you should make now that the rainy season is upon us, even if the time is not right. Nothing sucks worse than being stuck at the top of a mountain with everything around your turning to mud while you are wet and shivering. That is why I compiled this outfit to wear if you live in a part of the world like me, where the mountains can all of a sudden become lakes. As I am a bargain shopper at heart, I tried to get all of my new gear on the cheap, which is why it all came from my favourite bargain shopping website which I recommend to all the bikers on a budget.

 Mountain Biking in the Rain

Rain Pants

If your pants get soaked and waterlogged then it is going to take a lot more energy( which is why I always get some healthy snacks first anyways) to keep pedaling. Whenever I head up the mountain on my bike or anywhere else that is susceptible to heavy amounts of rain, I make sure to either wear my rain pants or have them packed with me. These amazingly light yet durable rain pants are another one of my bargain purchases online, this pair I got an amazing deal from and just couldn’t resist.

 Rain Pants

Windstoppers Jacket

Anyone here an avid rider of south mountain? I have been heading up there and riding the trails for the better part of this year(as you can tell from my South Mountain Bike Trails post) and I absolutely love it. The only complaint I have is the nasty winds that like to berate you on the way up and down. After about two weeks of that, I had enough and bought myself a quality windstopper jacket. Looking at I saw lots of cheap windstoppers, but there was a bright green one that really caught my eye and I just had to have it. I like to wear bright colors anyways so that I can be easily spotted in the dark, so it was a win-win!

 Bicycle Windbreaker Jacket

Read up before you go!

One of the most important aspects of being prepared for the worst when you head out on your mountain bike is to read up on the area you will be in before hand. This lets you know if there are any wildlife warning, bad weather on the way or anything else like that. If you are holidaying somewhere and plan on doing some biking, talk with the reception of your hotel as they may have some good info for you. When I went to Chamonix the had a whole booklet to read, which you can acually find online at and it has some great tips about the area, as well as summer mountain biking as well. Hope to see you all again soon!