South Mountain Bike Trails

Hi everyone! How are we all doing on this fine chilly February day? I’m great, I’ve just got back from college and am getting ready to head out with some friends on my favourite bike trail on South Mountain.  

South Mountain is the largest municipal park in the United States and it has over 58 miles of trails, with over 16,000 acres of mountains.  Although it does have trails for beginners and intermediate riders, it’s best for those who are either experts or very experienced.  

My top 7 South Mountain trails.


A great trail down the middle of the mountain which will put your to test your mountain biking limits.  This technical world class trail is best for expert riders.


If you’re not feeling quite as confident, or you want a trail where you can practice then the Mormon Trail is great for you.  Great for both Intermediate and expert riders this trail is as tough as you make it.  It has steep climbs as well as optional lines.


Fancy a downhill ride where you can catch some speed then this is the one for you.  Fast, gnarly and great for speedsters.

Mountain Biking


The hardest technical trail on the mountain.  If you’re not an absolute expert then bring hiking shoes just in case.


A great starting point to get used to desert riding.  Gradual inclines and declines, great for any intermediate biker.

Desert Classic.

A world class cross country trail that runs along the foot of South Mountain.


My absolute favourite and the trail I’m just about to do. Fast, bendy and so much fun.  This causes your brakes to squeal as you fly down the western portion of the Mountain.